Health STEM Solutions

Health STEM Solutions, the company behind Medical Physics Specialists, provides business consultancy services to users of science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM) in the healthcare setting. Health STEM Solutions combines scientific and technical expertise with extensive clinical experience and understanding of the healthcare business environment.

Business Consulting

Focused on the intersection of business, patient care and technology. We work to align business strategy with optimal patient outcomes and services include business development, strategic planning, process optimisation and technology/data integration. We believe that truly aiming for excellent patient care is also just good business in the run and we emphasise good long term decision making rather then just doing what is expedient in the short term.

We work with providers of healthcare & well-being services and also health technology developers to assess business operations and enable informed decisions about business development and the optimal applications of technology. Our clients have included public & private health providers as well as government, but we also feel right at home working with small business owners and sole operators and can provide services and solutions appropriate to their scale.

If you are a clinical professional with a tech idea or a technology professional with a clinical application, we are here to bridge the gap and help you get started.

Research & Quality Improvement

Research is a process and a mindset. Organisations that have a research culture often perform better in quality and outcome measurements because they continually question why and how they do the things they do and seek to validate them in a robust way.

Are you benefitting from research in your practice? We can provide insights into when and how to incorporate research, development and quality improvement into the business so that your services can be supported by quality scientific evidence. Our research services include advice and support for research strategy, methodology and execution for technical and clinical research, grant application and publication writing.

Small Data: BIG Outcomes

Do you feel like you are missing out on “big data”? Are you intimidated by big analytics or afraid of the cost? Don’t waste the resource you have by not utilising it. Data does not have to be “big” to be useful and quick results can be obtained with easy to use tools you probably already have. Let us assess your actual data needs and help to fill the gaps. 

Early Career Professionals

Mentoring, Skills Development & Career Management

At Health STEM Solutions we have a special passion for development of STEM and healthcare professionals in business, leadership and management. These are skills too often neglected, especially for early career professionals.

It is never too early to start developing these skills and good habits that complement technical ability.

Corporate Commanders was co-founded by John Kenny, Managing Director at Health STEM Solutions and Arron Skillen, Director at Bizee Management Solutions. Health STEM Solutions is a provider of selected Corporate Commanders programs aimed at developing the next generation of leaders. Great managers have a well developed combination of leadership, administrative and technical skills, and we want to see them again!

The Individual Readiness Program is delivered one on one or in group formats to help participants gain a deeper understanding of themselves. The leadership model in Corporate Commanders leadership courses refers to ‘Know thy self’ as the first step. Choose from a range of instruments that help develop an understanding of our own behaviours and the behaviours of those around us. These are not just for leaders either, this level of self-awareness can help strengthen your performance as a team member and supportive follower now, while also bringing into focus next steps for your career management.

For those just starting out in their careers, check out the Recruitment Ready Program too.

Visit the Corporate Commanders website for the full set of programs available including the Digital Detox Retreat (as seen on Red Balloon) and the flagship Next Gen Program.

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