Medical Physics Specialists



JOHN KENNYManaging Director & Principal Consultant
Radiation Oncology
AMANDA PERDOMOConsultant Medical Physics Specialist
Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology)
ZACHARY CHINMedical Radiation Technical Officer

Qualified Medical Physicists

Place your trust in nothing less than Qualified Medical Physics Specialists in Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics (DIMP) and Radiation Oncology Medical Physics (ROMP). With over 30 years of combined clinical experience in both public and private healthcare, our medical physicists design and have oversight of all services. Certification and professional registration with the Australasian College of Physical Scientists & Engineers in Medicine (ACPSEM) is the bar for best practice.

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Partners for Best Practice

We take a flexible approach to service delivery and work closely with organisations to understand their needs. Our services are available as stand alone items or as a packaged solutions ranging from just the essentials, through to a complete managed service for radiation safety and medical physics on behalf of your organisation.

We see ourselves as your partner for the long haul, supporting your organisation to achieve best practice by strong integration with your team.

Holistic View

As part of Health STEM Solutions, optimising healthcare businesses is an essential part of the MPS service. This means we place great emphasis on understanding the organisations we work with and being aware of organisational priorities across the clinical, technical and business aspects.

Business Aware

We take a flexible, business aware approach to service delivery, not just the “physics view”. Our advice will always be robust, but pragmatic, practical and based on the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

Patient Centric

Everything that we do is patient centric and our top priority is to contribute to optimising your patient outcomes.

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